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Taiba Pharmacy, under the ownership of Al Ahmedia Company, was founded in 1999 to play a pioneering role in the development of pharmaceutical and healthcare services in the State of Qatar and has since grown to become the largest chain of pharmacy in the country. Today after nearly two decades, we continue to redefine the horizons of superior customer service, expert pharmaceutical assistance, and commercial retailing.

Taiba group has been established to provide training programs for our employees to develop their skills and knowledge to lead the Qatari market in customer service quality. Training programs include lectures, workshops, and on the job training activities that build professional employees who could achieve performance excellence.

As part of community awareness and empowerment, Taiba Pharmacies has launched its uniquely branded to raise awareness of the Qatari Community connecting all stakeholders: consumers, pharmacists, nutritionists, doctors, medical advisors, and product suppliers to have an integrated medical well-being community served.



Taiba Pharmacy Al-MARKHIYYA
Markhiya Marketing Complex Khalifa Street, Al Markhiya, P.O.Box: 3090 Doha - Qatar
Open : 24 hours , 7 days a week
Phone : +974 55518687


Taiba Pharmacy Al-WAAB
United Care Medical Center Street 363, Building 58, Al-Waab,
Doha - Qatar
Open : 9AM to 9PM , 7 days a week
Phone : +974 55518687

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Taiba pharmacy Almarkhiya
Markhiya Marketing Complex Khalifa Street, Al Markhiya, P.O.Box: 3090 Doha - Qatar

Phone Number

+974 55518687

Fax Number

+974 4488 3022